сряда, 21 октомври 2009 г.

:) welcome, Autumn, dear sister of the Winter

Hello, dear friends... :)

Autumn is here (and considering the coldness outside the window, it is an autun with strong elements of Winter :D).. Summer is gone..i always miss the summer, when it gets cold and i have to change back to the heavy clothes, you know... boots, coats, jeans and such...
But every season has its own charm..and i guess the charm of the autumn is that my bday is in the autumn :))
Beginning with September, you can see the charm of this unique season..at the border between warm and cold weather, it is incredible what a mixture of strangest blend of clothes, shoes and accesories you can see at the streets crossing people... some..walking with bare feet in japaneses, other, in boots over the knee, some with tops, others with fur jackets... when wlse you can see such a weird combination? only now, before the cold rain to begin their mandate..
Another charm are the colours, especially up in the mountains, tens of green nuances, yellow, orange, red, brown.... lovely :) An this with the mixtute of the climate both at the seaside (where people are still naked), and up in the mountains (where you come back fromyour summer vacation, shaking like a leaf at the wind, wondering is this a time machine or a magic, or you are just having a bad nightmare, from which you can't wake up...)
Don't worry :) i am nit going to forget this other charm, and i mean it - the beginning of the Chrismas vacation plans :D This is the time, when you begin to make your plans (which, of course, most if the times, got quite different from what was planned at first, but...)... to choose another city, another country, another warmer country, or why not a trip tp the moon... 7 people so far did it..and if you have some extra 100 mils in cash, it will be unforgetable!!!!!!????
For those, who have just less than those extra 100 bils for the unique trip to the outern space, comes the opportunity to visit a new and nice place with the family or with a bunch of freaky friends, and after the party, to scoot back at home and to a normal internet conection,where you will upload all the crazy moment taken pics of in your facebook, collection "mi piace" tags and spicy comments from your between 200 and 1000 friends from around the world... :)
It becomes a strange traditions after every event to see your drunk face, exposed in facebook, but thats againa charm, and the colourful nature photos are a label only applicable for our lovely autumn, and one other charm of the beautiful sister of the Winter...

It is getting a bit late now... and speaking about this, this reminds me of one very, VERY imprtant and unique charm of the Gorgeous Autumn.. and it is? The Time change!!!!!! Yes!
We all love it, because we all sleep one hour more in the mornings! And who doesnt like it to sleep an hour more in the cold mornings, when you are trembling under 4-5 covers in your sweet bed, postponing the sliding out of the cosy warmth of it with the thought "just one minute more" and mentioning with not so nice names the Central heating System and "when the £$^$%£"$"@" it will begin to work?!!

At this note of the very soon coming one extra hour sleeping in the mornings i will wish you good night...