петък, 13 ноември 2009 г.

few hours before my birth hour...

Hello, dear friends :)

here i am, 3 hours before my birthday... :)
This year it finally is on friday, 13th.. isnt it spooky? :D
It missed it last time it was supposed to be on friday, because of the leap year..
But now it is a fact :)
Last time it was like this, was while i was in highschool..i remember that i had a very important maths test and we all were studying in the breaks, and my schoolmates were greeting me in between :D
it was very exciting..
Now.. just few hours away from getting older... i am sitting here in the darkness and the loneliness of my chamber, tears flowing down my face... no reason.. i guess i amjust overwhelmed by empotions and exhaustion...
i had a very long day today and just wished to mention here few words before getting older :D

i wish myself all the best as well as to you, dear friends and leaving here a smile from me, i wish you a good night...


вторник, 10 ноември 2009 г.

REM - Everybody hurts... or the duplex meaning...

Since i was clicking too much on the send button..

i will use this opportunity to dedicate this song to Luca and to thank him for everything he did for me..

i wish you well!




REM - Everybody hurts... or the duplex meaning...


Just few minutes ago i was staying at the balcony for a cig, inaling the cols air outside, smelling lke snow, but without the snow and a strange, old memory appeared into my mind...

I realized that it's been exactly two tears after one of the saddest things that happened in my life.. I lost one friend, one incredible friend.. It was painful, because people are hardly ever meeting their soul mate, wandering the world and i have found mine, my other half, the person i didnt even need to talk with for to understand me... and i lost him... because i was silly... (yeah, even me can be silly from time to time :)))

it was painful, it was devastating, in addition to the other awful moments and events that joined this loss... but now, two year after the loss... i can clearly state it: I have nothing to declare!

It is in the past... all burried.

Through these years i began to listen to the songs of one band, which is even now so called "classic band"... R.E.M.

The song i am sharing with you tonight is one of theirs..very famous and so very lovely and true..

Once, while i was listening to this song, and i realize that the verb "hurt" possesses this double meaning... everybody hurts and everybody hurts..indeed...

you can hurt someone,

it hurts when you hurt someone

it hurts, when you are hurted..

things are all connected and are we actually able to realize the whole thing?

mm..i doubt..

just dont forget.. you are not alone... and just dont give up...

everybody hurts..and everything passes away.. just let it flow away.. and in months, in years.. only the beautiful memories will be left..

good night



вторник, 3 ноември 2009 г.

First Snow! :))

Happy first snowing!!! :)))

This morning i woke up and.... what a lovely and cooool surprise..it was snowying outside my chamber window :)))


As You all know, i am addicted to the snow, my entire theme in FFS on facebook is based on the snow and here i have created my own Winter Wonderland, so... i just decided to share with you my happiness from the cold, but beautiful snowy beginning of my day!

have fun and stay cool ;D


сряда, 21 октомври 2009 г.

:) welcome, Autumn, dear sister of the Winter

Hello, dear friends... :)

Autumn is here (and considering the coldness outside the window, it is an autun with strong elements of Winter :D).. Summer is gone..i always miss the summer, when it gets cold and i have to change back to the heavy clothes, you know... boots, coats, jeans and such...
But every season has its own charm..and i guess the charm of the autumn is that my bday is in the autumn :))
Beginning with September, you can see the charm of this unique season..at the border between warm and cold weather, it is incredible what a mixture of strangest blend of clothes, shoes and accesories you can see at the streets crossing people... some..walking with bare feet in japaneses, other, in boots over the knee, some with tops, others with fur jackets... when wlse you can see such a weird combination? only now, before the cold rain to begin their mandate..
Another charm are the colours, especially up in the mountains, tens of green nuances, yellow, orange, red, brown.... lovely :) An this with the mixtute of the climate both at the seaside (where people are still naked), and up in the mountains (where you come back fromyour summer vacation, shaking like a leaf at the wind, wondering is this a time machine or a magic, or you are just having a bad nightmare, from which you can't wake up...)
Don't worry :) i am nit going to forget this other charm, and i mean it - the beginning of the Chrismas vacation plans :D This is the time, when you begin to make your plans (which, of course, most if the times, got quite different from what was planned at first, but...)... to choose another city, another country, another warmer country, or why not a trip tp the moon... 7 people so far did it..and if you have some extra 100 mils in cash, it will be unforgetable!!!!!!????
For those, who have just less than those extra 100 bils for the unique trip to the outern space, comes the opportunity to visit a new and nice place with the family or with a bunch of freaky friends, and after the party, to scoot back at home and to a normal internet conection,where you will upload all the crazy moment taken pics of in your facebook, collection "mi piace" tags and spicy comments from your between 200 and 1000 friends from around the world... :)
It becomes a strange traditions after every event to see your drunk face, exposed in facebook, but thats againa charm, and the colourful nature photos are a label only applicable for our lovely autumn, and one other charm of the beautiful sister of the Winter...

It is getting a bit late now... and speaking about this, this reminds me of one very, VERY imprtant and unique charm of the Gorgeous Autumn.. and it is? The Time change!!!!!! Yes!
We all love it, because we all sleep one hour more in the mornings! And who doesnt like it to sleep an hour more in the cold mornings, when you are trembling under 4-5 covers in your sweet bed, postponing the sliding out of the cosy warmth of it with the thought "just one minute more" and mentioning with not so nice names the Central heating System and "when the £$^$%£"$"@" it will begin to work?!!

At this note of the very soon coming one extra hour sleeping in the mornings i will wish you good night...


петък, 10 юли 2009 г.

another fairy-tale, please!

Hello, my Friends!

these days i thought a lot, i was returning back to the past, remembering occasions from the past, reflecting on them....

And now my eyes are full of tears..

I annalyzed my previous relationships and the simptoms of their end... the silence... the jealosy.... the talks about the other half in society..

I am not a jealous person... i have felt so just few times in my life.. but You know what? One is jealous, when feeling insecure... when feeling what she/he loves is disappearing, slowly creeping away... lost for eternity..

And i feel like... You know about the box of Pandora?

I do believe that jealosy wasnt there... because it was given to us by the Gods for to alarm us.. like a part of the self preservaton instinct... it appears to tell us - prepare, aware.. it is coming.. to an end.

I do believe in one more thing... the envy. Every person is envious. And when someone is happy, the unhappy one, somewhere deeply inside, wishes the happy one a bad luck.. I guess that beginning to speak about your lover in front of others is also a simptom of sunset... They say that we think in pictures... And when we speak .. we project our mind pictures also in the others' minds.. it help us believe and pump up the belief... which is wretched on a desert island...

i don't know why, but i always make so many mistakes... with my personal life. why i can always give so accurate, good advices to my friends and never being able to follow them by myself...?

maybe because i have a too vivid imagination :) and my dreams are creating those sandy towers... but life is not so sweet, it is not and can't be a fairy tale.. all the things that happen to us and we consider as "like a fairy tale" are actually illusions.

I am thankful for the lovely escapes from the reality, forthe moments of care, for those little motions of so incredible care and attention... for the fairy tales.. for the feeling of how it is to be a princess.. for being allowing to remember how it is to love and to devote...

I am thankful for helping me understand people around me better, for being taught so many lessons.

I am so thankful for being able to prove again the laws of astrology.


I am thankful for very day coming after the night and every night following the day..



неделя, 21 юни 2009 г.

:) zodiacs again ;) don't laugh

fun quizzes for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 - Online Dating

here it is..for you, boyz, you should know that i do believe in the Zodiac, so... check here before you try on me ;)



summertime :)))))))))))))))))))))

Hello, dear friends :)

How are You?
I hope you are All very, very well and having a lot of fun, despite crisys and stuff.....
It is summer time! It is meant to be funny around us.. don't you think?
It is true that every season comes with its celebrations and eve moments, but what can be compared with the summer vacation and the trip to the seaside? m? M? MMM?.. simple.. it is a simple "nothen" ;)
It was so natural to wait for the summer with impatience and passion few years ago, because summer meant 3 lovely months without school, early waking up, studying and so and so on..
But now, when i have no school... i still associate the summer with fun.. as the winter comes with snow, spring with drugging florishing trees&the feeling of coming soon summer and autumn with the end of the fun, rain, cold, heavy clothes, shopping tour for new boots, coats, scarves, gloves, golden leaf dance, first snow surprise...


ok...what's up with me? :) where is this melancholy coming from?
i have no idea...
maybe because now i don't really feel the change of the seasons so distinguishly... a life of sleep-work-tv-pc-shower-coffee rutine turns it into a colourless mess of simplicity... a.k.a boredom

Now i will leave you, my dear ones, and will go to check my pets on ffs and rc on facebook and then...jumping in bed. i am too tired tonight... i was at the bday party of Ivo, a good friend of mine from the library (my second home durging the university period) and after 7 years i finally heard him playing on his electric guitar... it was fun :)



петък, 12 юни 2009 г.

P.I.F - Nevidimo dete - karaoke


hello, huns ;))

here i leave for you one lovely Bulgarian song, which is one of my most favourite songs ever :)
enjoy and have fun


понеделник, 1 юни 2009 г.

ERA : enae Volare Mezzo

Hello, guys :)

it's been a while... but you know..i am always around :) and always missing all of you...
and i iwll be back, when my muses come back to me :)
until then..i will flood you will fave songs and pics and stuff :)

as for Era.. and Enae Volare... i never get tired of ERA :) enjoy

have fun!


неделя, 1 март 2009 г.

Happy Grandma March day! or.. Честита Баба Марта :))

Happy Grandma March day! or.. Честита Баба Марта :))))))))
Today it is one of the most ancient and traditional celebrations for Bulgaria and the region.. :)
We exchange a "martenica" with the wish for good luck, health and happiness :) to be white and red as a martenica and i do wish to you all, my friends the same!

hugs, red&white Eden

събота, 14 февруари 2009 г.

Happy Valentime's day...

Hello, everyone ;))
it's been a while i was here for a last time..
I know that a bolg needs to be done mainly with inspiration, and my muses are in vacation...
Today i received a lot of valentines on my facebook and while i was looking for a valentine to answer it, only one at all i found, that expressing myself completely :)

Enjoy the day and dont drink too, much


понеделник, 9 февруари 2009 г.

The String Quartet Tribute To Marilyn Manson - User Friendly

amazing..this is one of my fave songs of Marilyn Manson, but now i a string variation :)))

enjoy :)