петък, 13 ноември 2009 г.

few hours before my birth hour...

Hello, dear friends :)

here i am, 3 hours before my birthday... :)
This year it finally is on friday, 13th.. isnt it spooky? :D
It missed it last time it was supposed to be on friday, because of the leap year..
But now it is a fact :)
Last time it was like this, was while i was in highschool..i remember that i had a very important maths test and we all were studying in the breaks, and my schoolmates were greeting me in between :D
it was very exciting..
Now.. just few hours away from getting older... i am sitting here in the darkness and the loneliness of my chamber, tears flowing down my face... no reason.. i guess i amjust overwhelmed by empotions and exhaustion...
i had a very long day today and just wished to mention here few words before getting older :D

i wish myself all the best as well as to you, dear friends and leaving here a smile from me, i wish you a good night...


2 коментара:

vlad каза...

блясък в сърцето,
вятър в очите,
огън в косите,
мило ни скорпионче

светът има нужда от теб
знам, защото сам си призна

ето сега, още един усмихнат
в твоя си ден

Eden каза...

благодаря ти за прекраснотото стихче, приятелю :))