събота, 28 август 2010 г.

Depeche Mode Dirt Cover

Hello, Everyone!

Long time no see (and this turns out to be getting into a bad habit, indeed!)!
Dis you miss me? :) I certainly did, but i started a new job (finally!) on a full time and was hardly able to reach home, fridge, shower and pillow.. you know.. i turned into those nine to fivers, and it was hard... and fun! I really love it, though sometimes i am catching myself remembering the words of a very wise friend, who once told me (and i just laughed at that time freelancerly immaculate) that the homicidal thoughts contribute to the healthy work atmosphere.. And i bet, if he reads this, would just glance with that i-told-you look, asking if my methods of dispatch were too creative :)
Anyway.. as a typical nine to fiver, at Friday early night i am just dying for my soft pillow, so will just leave you with one of my most favourite songs (from my early uni years), which i by accident finally succeeded to find on youtube :) Enjoy that fantastic one and have fun! O=)




i too much miss you and my blog, so, i am hereby solemnly promising that i will keep up on much more frequently (but only in case my Boss keeps me alive ;)) <3