вторник, 29 юни 2010 г.

Rammstein - Du Hast - Sofia, Bulgaria, 23.06.2010

Hello, dear Friends :))

How are You? Hope all is well with You All!!!
I just wanted to make a quick note here, devoted to the Sonisphere Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria (22-23. 06.2010) and to share with You the most exciting moment i witnessed there :)))
There are much better videos from the concerts, but in this one You can actually hear the singing crowd, which was completely enchanting.. I just stopped for a second, looked around and i suddenly was filled by the magic and the incredible power of the united voices of 50 000 singing people...
(my poor LG couldn't bare the bass, but still recorded the voices of the fans..awesome :))))
I wish You could be there just at that special moment... Thanks to Rammstein for that :)

I will try to write more and upload some pics, when i learn how to get them out of my phone (the problem with the smart phones is that they are smarter than us.. you know ;))

see you and enjoy!

Yours, Eden