вторник, 16 февруари 2010 г.

Good night, children BG show or "Лека нощ, деца" :)

Hello, my dear friends :)

Today, after browsing around in my facebook, i found a group, called "Growing up in the 90s" :))
And you can imaginehow for more than an hour i was reading comments and looking at pictures, uploaded by total strangers and as if uploaded and said by me, myself... it was incredible!
Congratulations to the author of this facebook group, the best i have ever seen there!
And of nostalgy or something else, i decided to share a smal particle of my childhood, my happiest moments in life, when eevryhting was so uneventful, pure, beautiful and unforgetable..

The children of today will never understand us, the children of yesterday, which is normal, but still.. sad.. Ii didnt have a mobile phone, or a personal laptop, or 1000 tv channels, or the knowledge of google, or skype and facbook, but i was playing outside, having fun with my friends, surrounded by the living Nature.. i had my elbows and knees always bleeding, i knew all the home numbers of my friends, i was collecting movie pics from the newspapres, i was reading tones of real paper books, i was visiting the library, i was building sand castles, i was laughing with my friends, running on the streets, climbing the trees, breathing clearer air...

and i loved it..

Yours, one very nostalgic Eden