петък, 13 ноември 2009 г.

few hours before my birth hour...

Hello, dear friends :)

here i am, 3 hours before my birthday... :)
This year it finally is on friday, 13th.. isnt it spooky? :D
It missed it last time it was supposed to be on friday, because of the leap year..
But now it is a fact :)
Last time it was like this, was while i was in highschool..i remember that i had a very important maths test and we all were studying in the breaks, and my schoolmates were greeting me in between :D
it was very exciting..
Now.. just few hours away from getting older... i am sitting here in the darkness and the loneliness of my chamber, tears flowing down my face... no reason.. i guess i amjust overwhelmed by empotions and exhaustion...
i had a very long day today and just wished to mention here few words before getting older :D

i wish myself all the best as well as to you, dear friends and leaving here a smile from me, i wish you a good night...


вторник, 10 ноември 2009 г.

REM - Everybody hurts... or the duplex meaning...

Since i was clicking too much on the send button..

i will use this opportunity to dedicate this song to Luca and to thank him for everything he did for me..

i wish you well!




REM - Everybody hurts... or the duplex meaning...


Just few minutes ago i was staying at the balcony for a cig, inaling the cols air outside, smelling lke snow, but without the snow and a strange, old memory appeared into my mind...

I realized that it's been exactly two tears after one of the saddest things that happened in my life.. I lost one friend, one incredible friend.. It was painful, because people are hardly ever meeting their soul mate, wandering the world and i have found mine, my other half, the person i didnt even need to talk with for to understand me... and i lost him... because i was silly... (yeah, even me can be silly from time to time :)))

it was painful, it was devastating, in addition to the other awful moments and events that joined this loss... but now, two year after the loss... i can clearly state it: I have nothing to declare!

It is in the past... all burried.

Through these years i began to listen to the songs of one band, which is even now so called "classic band"... R.E.M.

The song i am sharing with you tonight is one of theirs..very famous and so very lovely and true..

Once, while i was listening to this song, and i realize that the verb "hurt" possesses this double meaning... everybody hurts and everybody hurts..indeed...

you can hurt someone,

it hurts when you hurt someone

it hurts, when you are hurted..

things are all connected and are we actually able to realize the whole thing?

mm..i doubt..

just dont forget.. you are not alone... and just dont give up...

everybody hurts..and everything passes away.. just let it flow away.. and in months, in years.. only the beautiful memories will be left..

good night



вторник, 3 ноември 2009 г.

First Snow! :))

Happy first snowing!!! :)))

This morning i woke up and.... what a lovely and cooool surprise..it was snowying outside my chamber window :)))


As You all know, i am addicted to the snow, my entire theme in FFS on facebook is based on the snow and here i have created my own Winter Wonderland, so... i just decided to share with you my happiness from the cold, but beautiful snowy beginning of my day!

have fun and stay cool ;D