вторник, 23 декември 2008 г.

понеделник, 8 декември 2008 г.

Happy birthday, Jim Morrison :)

This is a cue video with the song 'Riders on the storm' which is one of my most favourite songs of the Doors.. today i will go at the "Popa" and will smoke one cig with Jim..
as a true lizard king's follower..

неделя, 30 ноември 2008 г.

some sad thoughts in the last cold night of november...the sweet love november...

I havent been here for so long.. i miss you all, i miss my sharing, my lovely hidden shelter... but.. i am too exhausted by my stupid sadness in the coming winter that i just have no powers to bring my sexy ass here and leave a message...i will try to come later and finish my melancholic thoguhts... better here than nowhere :)


понеделник, 29 септември 2008 г.

the two pics that express me much ;)

yes..this is the question i ask myself every Monday morning :)

And this is what wakes me up indeed..

Yours, Eden

Autumn is here...

Hello, Everyone!

Autumn is here..even though tonight, when i got out at the balcony, it was smelling like a snow..
I am sorry for not coming here recently, but the after-summer-vacation-nostalgia and the looking-for-a-job depression are rushing through me and... i dont have much wake up muses around me..
On 12th September was my exam in the Ministry of Justice, and i passed it, so, now i am fully capable jurist.. and have no excuse from now on not to begin to look for a job..So, this is what i am fighting now with...where is my childhood? where are the lazy days without any kind of personal obligations? where are the serene days spent in the library, studying Italian or drinking coffee in the small cafe, full of cigs smoke..

I dont know what's up with me..i feel somehow useless.. without an aim, no ambition..

I hope You will enjoy the falling leaves pic...it makes me calm and serene...

Yours, Eden

понеделник, 15 септември 2008 г.

четвъртък, 14 август 2008 г.

funny :DDDD

here i am putting a pic that made me LOLOLOLOLOL!

Thanks to Nejno Stava :)


ben tornata ;)

Hello, Everyone!

It's been long time ago since the last time i was her, but obviously, after the hot, urgent stuff at the end of July, the lowered speed made me too lazy...and uneventful :)

Not that i didnt have nice moments..

The concert of Metallica...
The concert of Leni Kravitz..
The laziness of the deputies..
The fights with the secretary of the court..and so and so and so...

Summer is fading away..but it is still summertime! And soon i will meet again my lovely sea:)

Hope to see You soon, All of You!


Yours, Eden

четвъртък, 24 юли 2008 г.

A trip to Bulgaria - Part III, Plovdiv

Arena di Povdiv ;)

The last destination was Plovdiv and mostly- its Roman part, including the arena and also the old town, with the lovely houses of the late Renaissance.. :)

It was again lovely, even though, down in the Tracian valley it was quite hot...and i was hot and we were all hot! ;)

Enjoy the beauty! ;)

part of the scene..
on the stage

curiosity killed the cat I
me and Nikko at the arena...
curiosity killed the cat II

Dont laugh! This is a stage! :D
Yes, this is a stage and i am a dancer after all! :P
well... imagine..i am sitting where Romans were sitting 2000 ago

isnt it beautiful?

another shot of the ruins...
This is a shot of the old city, dated since Late Renaissance...
A Mix of ancient, old and fashionable ;)
The end of the trip at sunset...

Yours, very vain Eden ;)

A trip to Bulgaria - Part II, Rila Monastery

Rila Mountain and Rila Monastery

Hello again! :))

This post is dedicated to our quite interesting and full of adrenaline trip to the Rila monastery, which we visited this Sunday, during the celebration of Ilinden..
This is a holy place, which was found in 9th century by the hermit and saint Ivan Rilski, after the Bulgarian Rulers accepted the Christianity... As He says in His testimony, when He came to the desert of Rila, He was the only human being there, and He lived with the beasts, the sky was His roof, the ground was His bed, the plants were His food, a small cave up in the mountain was His shelter in storms...
As the monastery is a huge and vivid example of the traditional Bulgarian medieval monasteries from the period of the First and the Second Bulgarian Empire, the small "hole", which leads out of the cave is a place, where legends say only a person with pure soul can go through... As the very monastery, hugged between the skirts of the might Rila mountain and the strong stone walls and battle towers, impresses You with the rich and soft pictures, icons and every kind of ecclesiastic arts, the cave and the hole for pure souls just strikes You with its simplicity and... purifying powers...
When we climbed up to the "hole" and we were quietly arguing who to be first, cause no one wanted to be first, i just turned left and began to climb up the small stairs and my friends and my family..they were behind me and i was leading them...Till the moment i entered the cave and only the single lonely flame of a tiny candle was enlightening our way deep inside and at one moment everything was so dark that i wasn't able to see anything and i felt fear...for a first time in my life i felt how it is to shiver by fear..not knowing where to go, not knowing where you are stepping, just touching around like a blind, kneeling and crawling in the low space between rocks... and not that the path is long..but the fear of your sins is big... Nikko was walking behind me and i just whispered to Him "I'm afraid", but He just pushed me forward to the light, where a piece of sky was smiling... And there, climbing through the rocks, already seeing the sky, at the end for a piece of a moment i just asked myself...do i dare? But my friends and family were behind me..i couldn't stop, i couldn't give up.. and i reached it! Oh, God, thank you for the help! And thank You for showing me what is fear and what is forgiveness, and what is peace...
Everything there was magnificent! And enchanting! And full of that energy that only holy places emit around like a circle of pure life...something which You almost can touch...

And here are some shots of the Rila mountain, the monastery and the hole.... ;)
It is very beautiful place to visit and i recommend it in 200%
Enjoy the Second Part of the photo trip!

The magical beauty of Rila mountain, the heart of Bulgaria :)

a pic in the restaurant we had lunch...just over the river... :)

First sight inside the courtyard of the Monastery, crowed by guests :)
Another shot of the Monastery and the mountain....
On the Left is the Church and on the right are some of the residents rooms...

Another view of the inside part of the Monastery

Some of the paintings on the outside wals of the Church... the travelings of the Soul...
enjoying the calmness...
me and Nikko in front of a bush of roses, which are used not only for beauty, but also for preparing wonderful perfumes, liquors, sweets, rakia, etc... recommended to be tasted by a faithful fan of roses marmalade! ;)

An angel and a monk...
The Back Door now in a reconstruction period...

sitting on the bridge of the back door... behind is the fire truck.. i wished so much to be a fireirl when i was a kid...

the Back Door view and the charming fire truck :)

This is the small church just in front of the cave of St. Ivan Rilskia pic of the rocks of the cave
Me, happy after coming through the hole, pure and enlightened by the flash of the camera... O:D

I hope You liked also the photo trip of Part II - The Rila Monastery Adventure :)

Yours, the pure- souled Eden ;)

A trip to Bulgaria - Part I, Veliko Tarnovo

The Great Fortress of Veliko Tarnovo

Hello Everyone! :)

I am here again, finally! And i missed all of You!
The Last few days a friend of mine arrived to BG for his vacation from FR and i was pretending to be His guiding girl in our trips to different places in BG. So, we succeeded to visit in 3 days Veliko Tarnovo, the Rila Monastery and Plovdiv and it was great! I dont really remember when was the last time i traveled so much withing 3 days in Bulgarian territories! So, as my brother said: "Thank You, Nikko, for coming to Bulgaria and through You me also to visit those wonderful paces again, after so many years!" :)

This post will be devoted to out trip to Veliko Tarnovo... Enjoy our photo trip! :)

this is a girl with a piece of Eden flowers in front of the front gates of the fortress in Veliko Tarnovo, which was a capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire since 1186 a. C. till 1393 a. C.
the old town of Tarnovo, which You can see from the battle towers of the fortress

this was used as a "Place of executions" for crimes against the Tsar, the Country, for betraying and so on..

As the custom says - there was a Church on the highest place of every Bulgarian medieval city....

The famous "Tower of Balduin", where the poor crusader spent the rest of His unfortunate life...

a sight from the northern gates of the fortress, showing us the beautiful river Jantra, curving elegantly around the walls and also the Church, where You can find the Pillar of Khan Omurtag and its inscription, which i am here now quoting:
"...Even if a man lives well, he dies and another one comes into existence. Let the one who comes later upon seeing this inscription remember the one who had made it. And the name is Omurtag, Kanasubigi..."

me and Nikko
a monument in old town of the Great Tarnovo

a sight of the old town and the sweet houses, built up in that unique stairs like way...

I hope You liked them.... :)
And i wish You next time you to show me pics from there, cause it is quite a pleasing and unexplainable feeling, when You go there and step to the paths people used hundreds and thousands years ago....:)

Yours, Eden... :)