четвъртък, 24 юли 2008 г.

A trip to Bulgaria - Part III, Plovdiv

Arena di Povdiv ;)

The last destination was Plovdiv and mostly- its Roman part, including the arena and also the old town, with the lovely houses of the late Renaissance.. :)

It was again lovely, even though, down in the Tracian valley it was quite hot...and i was hot and we were all hot! ;)

Enjoy the beauty! ;)

part of the scene..
on the stage

curiosity killed the cat I
me and Nikko at the arena...
curiosity killed the cat II

Dont laugh! This is a stage! :D
Yes, this is a stage and i am a dancer after all! :P
well... imagine..i am sitting where Romans were sitting 2000 ago

isnt it beautiful?

another shot of the ruins...
This is a shot of the old city, dated since Late Renaissance...
A Mix of ancient, old and fashionable ;)
The end of the trip at sunset...

Yours, very vain Eden ;)

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YogaforCynics каза...

Wow--I had no idea Bulgaria looked like that! (In fact, I guess I've been completely ignorant about everything Bulgarian until this moment, but I'm learning thanks to your great pics!) Glad I stumbled on your blog!

Eden каза...

thanks :)