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A trip to Bulgaria - Part I, Veliko Tarnovo

The Great Fortress of Veliko Tarnovo

Hello Everyone! :)

I am here again, finally! And i missed all of You!
The Last few days a friend of mine arrived to BG for his vacation from FR and i was pretending to be His guiding girl in our trips to different places in BG. So, we succeeded to visit in 3 days Veliko Tarnovo, the Rila Monastery and Plovdiv and it was great! I dont really remember when was the last time i traveled so much withing 3 days in Bulgarian territories! So, as my brother said: "Thank You, Nikko, for coming to Bulgaria and through You me also to visit those wonderful paces again, after so many years!" :)

This post will be devoted to out trip to Veliko Tarnovo... Enjoy our photo trip! :)

this is a girl with a piece of Eden flowers in front of the front gates of the fortress in Veliko Tarnovo, which was a capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire since 1186 a. C. till 1393 a. C.
the old town of Tarnovo, which You can see from the battle towers of the fortress

this was used as a "Place of executions" for crimes against the Tsar, the Country, for betraying and so on..

As the custom says - there was a Church on the highest place of every Bulgarian medieval city....

The famous "Tower of Balduin", where the poor crusader spent the rest of His unfortunate life...

a sight from the northern gates of the fortress, showing us the beautiful river Jantra, curving elegantly around the walls and also the Church, where You can find the Pillar of Khan Omurtag and its inscription, which i am here now quoting:
"...Even if a man lives well, he dies and another one comes into existence. Let the one who comes later upon seeing this inscription remember the one who had made it. And the name is Omurtag, Kanasubigi..."

me and Nikko
a monument in old town of the Great Tarnovo

a sight of the old town and the sweet houses, built up in that unique stairs like way...

I hope You liked them.... :)
And i wish You next time you to show me pics from there, cause it is quite a pleasing and unexplainable feeling, when You go there and step to the paths people used hundreds and thousands years ago....:)

Yours, Eden... :)

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