понеделник, 29 септември 2008 г.

Autumn is here...

Hello, Everyone!

Autumn is here..even though tonight, when i got out at the balcony, it was smelling like a snow..
I am sorry for not coming here recently, but the after-summer-vacation-nostalgia and the looking-for-a-job depression are rushing through me and... i dont have much wake up muses around me..
On 12th September was my exam in the Ministry of Justice, and i passed it, so, now i am fully capable jurist.. and have no excuse from now on not to begin to look for a job..So, this is what i am fighting now with...where is my childhood? where are the lazy days without any kind of personal obligations? where are the serene days spent in the library, studying Italian or drinking coffee in the small cafe, full of cigs smoke..

I dont know what's up with me..i feel somehow useless.. without an aim, no ambition..

I hope You will enjoy the falling leaves pic...it makes me calm and serene...

Yours, Eden

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