петък, 10 юли 2009 г.

another fairy-tale, please!

Hello, my Friends!

these days i thought a lot, i was returning back to the past, remembering occasions from the past, reflecting on them....

And now my eyes are full of tears..

I annalyzed my previous relationships and the simptoms of their end... the silence... the jealosy.... the talks about the other half in society..

I am not a jealous person... i have felt so just few times in my life.. but You know what? One is jealous, when feeling insecure... when feeling what she/he loves is disappearing, slowly creeping away... lost for eternity..

And i feel like... You know about the box of Pandora?

I do believe that jealosy wasnt there... because it was given to us by the Gods for to alarm us.. like a part of the self preservaton instinct... it appears to tell us - prepare, aware.. it is coming.. to an end.

I do believe in one more thing... the envy. Every person is envious. And when someone is happy, the unhappy one, somewhere deeply inside, wishes the happy one a bad luck.. I guess that beginning to speak about your lover in front of others is also a simptom of sunset... They say that we think in pictures... And when we speak .. we project our mind pictures also in the others' minds.. it help us believe and pump up the belief... which is wretched on a desert island...

i don't know why, but i always make so many mistakes... with my personal life. why i can always give so accurate, good advices to my friends and never being able to follow them by myself...?

maybe because i have a too vivid imagination :) and my dreams are creating those sandy towers... but life is not so sweet, it is not and can't be a fairy tale.. all the things that happen to us and we consider as "like a fairy tale" are actually illusions.

I am thankful for the lovely escapes from the reality, forthe moments of care, for those little motions of so incredible care and attention... for the fairy tales.. for the feeling of how it is to be a princess.. for being allowing to remember how it is to love and to devote...

I am thankful for helping me understand people around me better, for being taught so many lessons.

I am so thankful for being able to prove again the laws of astrology.


I am thankful for very day coming after the night and every night following the day..



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