неделя, 21 юни 2009 г.

summertime :)))))))))))))))))))))

Hello, dear friends :)

How are You?
I hope you are All very, very well and having a lot of fun, despite crisys and stuff.....
It is summer time! It is meant to be funny around us.. don't you think?
It is true that every season comes with its celebrations and eve moments, but what can be compared with the summer vacation and the trip to the seaside? m? M? MMM?.. simple.. it is a simple "nothen" ;)
It was so natural to wait for the summer with impatience and passion few years ago, because summer meant 3 lovely months without school, early waking up, studying and so and so on..
But now, when i have no school... i still associate the summer with fun.. as the winter comes with snow, spring with drugging florishing trees&the feeling of coming soon summer and autumn with the end of the fun, rain, cold, heavy clothes, shopping tour for new boots, coats, scarves, gloves, golden leaf dance, first snow surprise...


ok...what's up with me? :) where is this melancholy coming from?
i have no idea...
maybe because now i don't really feel the change of the seasons so distinguishly... a life of sleep-work-tv-pc-shower-coffee rutine turns it into a colourless mess of simplicity... a.k.a boredom

Now i will leave you, my dear ones, and will go to check my pets on ffs and rc on facebook and then...jumping in bed. i am too tired tonight... i was at the bday party of Ivo, a good friend of mine from the library (my second home durging the university period) and after 7 years i finally heard him playing on his electric guitar... it was fun :)



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