четвъртък, 19 юни 2008 г.

Presentation at the Parliament

Hello Everyone!

How are You? Hope everything is fine there...

Today was one of those crazy days, which fill our existence with adrenaline.. And nott hat i am complaining, but my head is aching badly, probably - from the suspension ;)
I short... today was the presentation of our legislative project, called "Comparative Law Research over the Election Law Regulations in European Union, Switzerland and the USA", where me and 11 more guys from the Parliamentary students' internship program rushed out 29 countries and their election law systems...
The Scientific supervisor was the famous sociologist Mira Janova and actually today, instead of us, she and her assistant made the presentation... We were only observers...

It was strange, i admit, to hear our tables to be retell in this way... And i was strangely nervous. But also felt like a TV star, cause there were cameras, journalists, photographers, deputies... You can watch me on the TV news tonight ;)

Finally we were introduced to one- two deputies, who quite politely said "Thank You, guys! Great job!" and it was great! I personally printed the first edition in its 333 pages and i swear it can be used for self protection if someone tries to kidnap You in the night.. :)

It was strange.. somehow the pro bono work there, the nights, spent in researching and translating.. and the words of those people, saying- it is a huge work, we really thank you for it, cause it will help us a lot! - i felt content..

And besides this is my second official publication :)
The other colleagues of mine were joking that we could dig in some more into this research and use it for our PHD thesis :D Which is not that bad idea! If one could be offered a phd.... I want it :) But... i doubt i have any chance anyway..

Anyway.. my 4 countries were Bulgaria, Italy, Malta and Romania.. If ever anyone of You need any kind of information about the election law system in those four countries, you know how to find me :)

Stop showing off :)

After the presentation i went back to the other building of the Parliament, had a huge lunch (of the "parliament kjufteta:DDD") and went up to finish my research on the Public- private partnershipin Latvia (PPP), part of the last research - PPP. I already made it for France and Romania, almost finishing Latvia and hoping to do something with Belgium :) I also had to research for Italy, but since i couldnt find much in English and my italian is still not that good for to translate from italian... this country was given to an italian speaking colleague :)

Speaking of Italian... Since i am attending my practice to the Prosecutor, whom i gently call "my dominus litis" , for He owns me these days to serev Him well, the studying over italian classes is the lastthing i am even thinking of... which is bad, i know... but i hope after internships and practices re over..i will have some lazy days at the seaside, where i would be able to devote my whole attention on collecting sunshines, tan and Italian... language!

Better leave now, cause my head is about to explode

Soft kisses and gentle hugs!

Yours, Eden

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