понеделник, 30 юни 2008 г.

Summer of 1991 or the return of the Rainbow Brite?

My fave cartoon ever! :)))))))))))))))))

the huge family of rainbow kids :)

traveling not on the rainbow road

here she is - a tiny rainbow amazon on a magical rainbow pony ;)
a modern..or perv version of rainbow Brite

Rainbow Stockings?----> Wanted 2

Yours, rainbow Eden

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clivit каза...

believe it or not, but it is a french creation :) ( and realisation by french/japan/american studios ).

The original creator has made a lot of well-known cartoons of this time.

Eden каза...

wow, i didn't know that, Mr CliVit! Thank You for the hint ;)
Just now i realize why Brite is so charming! Its the French touch i suspect! :)