петък, 21 март 2008 г.

From the Parliament

Hello, Everyone!

I would like to apologize for missing fo so long in here, but what can i say fro my defence is that my poor, old, lovely pc totally dies and i cant even start it on.. :( *sob*

I miss You much, but i just have no opportunity of writing. I am now writing from my pc at the Parliament, but i am hardly working over my research over Romanian election system and it is a though stuff since few weeks ago the Senate voted a new Election law, but i cant find almost any information about it. So, i am working on the old election law and also over few articles on the net...

I also had problems with the info about Italy, since it is not a large practice there to publish online English versions of the law provisions... But Your Eden is quite good in surfing the net, so, finally i found an English version of the Election Law of Italy too... ;) Dont ask how and where ;) All the italians i spoke about this, however, told me- dont do this! Our law sucks, politicians are all jerks... ;) But, i guess, this is the lag opinion of people everywhere around the world. Where is now the principle "Vox populi, vox Dei"? Somewhere out there...

I am now continuing with my mind raptures and hopre to see You soon!


Yesterday i received a lettre from my judge, who told me that i did my court decisions excellent and he announced them almost with no corrections in there;) i know, i know, this is a "show off", but Youknow... the venity of women knows no limits ;)


Yours, *surfing on the net * Eden! ;)