събота, 8 март 2008 г.

Baba Marta, 3rd March, 8th March......

Hello, Everyone!

I am back from Greece and whole week i am running here and there... So, i dont have much time, for which i excuse myself now...

I just wanted to greet You for Baba Marta, for 3rd March and also, the female part of You- for 8th of March! Be happy and loved! ;)

I have a lot to tell You about the carnivals in Thessaloniki and Volos, but i will do it when i put the pics on my pc... Till then i will put just one pic, for which i thank so much to Max and Galia!

I am also posting an old essay i wrote years ago, still being at school, for a local olimpiada;) I will post it in a different post!
The essay is on the topic "Out Place in Europe", dates since 2000 and i put it here at the sake of our national celebrations for 3rd March, the day of our gained freedom!Enjoy!

Here Your Eden is with her best friend from the primary school at the last salsa party in Volos

Love, Eden!

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