четвъртък, 28 февруари 2008 г.

Salsa carnival in Thessaloniki ;)

Hello, Everyone!

The big day is coming! Tomorrow we, with the salsa club, we are going to Greece at the salsa carnivals at Thessaloniki and Volos! Los Pambos organizes everything and we hope we will have a great fun there! The rumors say it is always like that at Pambos' parties...

Today i was in a big rush.. It was an urgent shopping tour in a search for shoes, clothes and so on.. I was on high heels and then i had also a salsa class...so.. as a result, now i hardly feel my feet... I don't know how i will survive the next four days in constant dances on high heels :D But i have to! I must! And in between i have to have fun:d for this is the purpose of the trip after all! ;)

I hope the weather will be nice...

because of this Greece trip, i delayed the stuff in the Parliament and i actually don't really know when i will do the stuff for there..i have to do it for Tuesday evening... the meeting is on Wednesday morning... I also have cases in court... Such a mess! And who even mentions the Italian? The exam is coming and i am so sooooooooo lating with studying... But! i will arrange thing when in return..

I have to prepare the luggage now! So, i leave You! But please, don't forget Your little Eden of the graden.. She will think about You even in Greece ;) while dancing in the salsa sounds! ;)


Yours, Eden!

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