петък, 22 февруари 2008 г.

researching again!

Good morning!

I can't believe it! It's 11am and i am still at home! :) These last weeks were so busy for me that i was getting out home every and each morning at 7-8 am in the MMMornings... Not that i wasn't supposed to go out early in the morning today too... It will be a big day- for a first time i will help my Civil Law judge for writing court orders and motives... which is a bit scary, isn't it?! I wanted to go early in the morning for in the afternoon to go at library and study words.. But i was too exhausted to wake up after the alarm..Impossible!

yesterday was such a long day! In the morning i had a working meeting at the Parliament. A new legislative research is beginning and i will be a part of it. The titular will be Mira Yanova, who is a sociologist, one of the most famous in Bulgaria.. And the research is about the Electoral Systems of EU countries and US.. We had a long meeting, almost a lecture. I knew most of the stuff, because i have attended such courses with my Second Major, and also from the Constitutional Law... But i have two books to read. And also i was given to research for the legislations of Italy and Romania.. I shouldn't mention the fact that i am attending an Italian language course in the weekends! :/

After the so long meeting at the Parliament, i went tot he library, i studied some, but then i had a meeting with my colleagues and we ate so much! So filled i went to the dance class and we had an exhausting rehearsal! But the salsa carnival is coming and we should be quite good... I have to go also on Sunday for a rehearsal, cause i have to know the choreography... and i am so poor there1 I missed a lot of rehearsals last month and... :/

So... now i leave You and wish You a nice day!

Yours, Eden