вторник, 26 февруари 2008 г.

Do You remember the 26th of January?

Hello, All! :)))

How Are You? I hope everything there is well! I am just about to go for the court.. But before that i wanted to mention the day today- 26th of February.. The reason is simple :) Today it gets a whole month since i began my fight with pleasures of life... It's been a hard work to resist my quitting... especially with the caffee. Believe me or not, but of all 4 point, the caffee was the hardest to resist and to survive without.. Don't laugh at me :) But i really fell asleep in the very court chamber, and not even once, but much more! Then comes the 4th point.. But It was hard just at one particular moment of the period and then... i understood that i am actually able to resist :) The cigs are next... Third position- it's not bad, is it?! ;) For people, who know me, perfectly well understand the achievement of this 3rd place.. :) The last, 4th position comes for the sweets...I quited them...all successfully.. I didn't miss them much, maybe just a little ;)

A common result- i didn't save money from the cigs.. just because i was spending much more for food:) I am hungry the whole day long :D And i am not sure if it is because of the lack of the cigs or of the lack of the sweets... i should ask a Doc.

As a future result i can say that i am planning to continue this experiment with myself and to see if during a longer period of time I will be able to achieve more results, more success and... constant even..

But, as an award for well resisted quits, i will skip this week and use it as a "rest" of the angel-like-appearance of mine ;) At the end of the week i am going to Greece and just want to taste the pleasures of life without restraints, just till next week.. After a week i am going to begin again- till next 26th... :)

It's time to go for the court, palls! So, see You soon and wish You a nice day!

Un Bacio!

Yours, Eden


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