понеделник, 18 февруари 2008 г.


Emotion, which one are you?
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You scored as You are way too sad...cheer up dude..

Dude, being sad isn't everything. If you sad...you could always draw little smiley faces on your notebook paper and turn it in to the teacher at school, heh..it works..

You are way too sad...cheer up dude..


You are extremely happy....calm the hell down..


You are way too maddd


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niki каза...

Hello my friend! I just want to say hi
those days were so exhausting, cold and cloudy that the smile on my face was something rare :) finely (enfin) some sun light is shining - very shy the sun
i hope you're well, i hope you smile more than i :)
Je te dis à bientôt! Biz ma chère