петък, 1 февруари 2008 г.

Remember, remember the 26th of January...

Zdraveite! :)

How are You? I hope everything there is alright! As friends usually do, i do care about You, my friends, and i wish You all well! :)
i am again begging humbly for an apology for i haven't been here for so long! But as You know- my lovely monitor jokes all the time with me and i can hardly use the pc... Monitor is begging for a rest..

A lot of things happened since i wrote You for a last time.. but most important- on 26th of January it got an entire month from the last word i "heard" from my best friend of the time.. I wrote Him - He gave no sign.. Anyway, i didn't expect it. But i miss the friend.. indeed.

On the same date i took a very important decision - 3 in 1... well.. 4 in 1, but the 4th one will be a secret;) *blush* Everybody has tiny secrets;) For those, who know me well, the coming news will be interesting, bet, and at least a few of raised brows ;)

But i dont know how to begin.. well... i'll make an experiment till the 26th day of the next month and will also report the obvious, first hand results.. See now in no order of appearance;)

1. i quit the cigs

2. i quit the caffee

3.i quit the sugar

4.i quit another pleasure of life :)

I will report the results over the first three point :)
Cross fingers to succeed:)
And with God's help, i hope my wish to come true by quitting the pleasures of life as a sacrifice at the sake of a dream to turn into reality.. Please, God, help! Amen.

I need my friend back... Nothing else. Just the friend. Amen!


Since i haven't drunk caffee and smoked cigarettes since 27th of January, what i have to report now is that i dont miss the cigarettes at all! But i terribly miss the caffee, especially in the library, when i am going in the library to study for il corso d'italiano after the court practice (which has begun 2 days ago)... I am just falling asleep!!! can You imagine? It's impossible to believe it! But a pure fact! I dont miss the cigs, but the caffee! A result: i am conjugating verbs and hardly keeping my eyes open... As it is now!

Sogni d'oro!

Yours, Eden :)

2 коментара:

iveto каза...

I'll cross my fingers to succeed, with your non smoking, non coffe and non sugar initiative!
I've just failed:) Next time, I'll do my best to resist temptation.

Eden каза...

Ah, Ive, sadly... But i am sure that there will be a next time and it will be very soon ;)
Thanks for crossing fingers, i need it, especially for the caffee - my caffee resistance is very low ;)