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Belgian Laws..

Hello Everyone! :)

Your Eden is now again working over her practice at the Parliament. Today was another meeting of the group, working on the legislative research on the topic "Election systems in EU and US", of which one i am a part, considering the legislations of Bulgaria, Italy and Romania. But You know that , because i was complaining enough about my probs in finding info in English ;) And that i had to use also my "italian" language too :D

A new research has already begun. This time i have more countries to research and more over- i have to use my French! :D Which..apparently i havent used since ..July??? when i was researching about the Administration of the French Assemblée nationale and Senate...That is because i have to research about France, Belgium, Italy and Romania (again)...

So, since the long vacation for Our Easter, 1st May, 6th May, when the entire Sofia and half Bulgaria will be emptied by her citizens from 26th of April till 6th of May, i am here and researching... (see, how ambitious i am..but dont be confused! This is so, because Yor Eden was proclaimed for a coordinator of the PPPLR {Public- Private Partnership Legislative research - if You have info- call me! pleaseeeee} and i have to be perfect, You know... how then to manage and push up the others?!;))

What i found first (in English, because, opposing the general opinion, that almost everything in Belgium is in French, most of the stuff, till now, is in Flemish!!!!!!!!!!See- i will be happy to find what i need in French even! ;D) was a Belgian law.
This particular law is not so important, but what impressed me so much was the beginning of the provision! (btw, i need a Juridical English language course ;) any volunteers for donating or sponsoring me? *angelsmile*)

let me show You how a Belgian Law begins:

"King Albert II of Belgium,
extends his greetings to all citizens, present and future.
The Parliament has adopted and we have approved the following:.............."
Isnt it amazing? Maybe it is normal way for a beginning of a Law in monarchies, but.... this is my first time, i guess...


I have to go back to the research!


Yours, Eden

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Анонимен каза...

Mila gospojice Eden,
ako sluchaino vi popadne takav mil ekzemplqr, da vi sposorira za va6iq kurs po uridicheski angliiski-molq Vi ne zabravqite da go popitate dali ne moje da sponsorira i men :)!
Va6 po4itatel

Eden каза...

razbira se..
da bqhte ostavili samo ime i telefon za vryzka.. :)