сряда, 30 април 2008 г.

Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles (1969)

Thank You for all You have been to me, my friends.. and for the fact that You never let me go down alone, but always being beside me..

I love You! With all my heart!

Yours forever, Eden!

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vlad каза...

i now remember a video after a song sung & danced @ "Вчера" - those were the days; and i guess it's one of my favourite : the night before from the movie "Help"

Ah, Beatles...
You easily made me mad, again, about that chordes. But I thank, with all my candid sentiment.


vlad каза...

+ and, oh, i'm surely late of telling the aforesaid - my comments are such a mess - but... you're a delicate forgiving.


Eden каза...


You are welcome in my garden in any kind of mood :)

especially for dances

and "Vchera"... i dont even have the right to comment, but it is favourite to us all.