събота, 26 април 2008 г.

The long Sabbath


This is the first time when i am coming here with such a mess inside my head, running thoughts, feelings.. I have so much to say. But i am not even sure it is worthy to mention them..
Well.. i have to begin from somewhere after all..

Today here it is 26th of April 2008 and the East - Orthodox Church's Long Sabbath, the day before Easter..
I was waken up by my mobile alarm, because it was time for my Italian classes.. And i was so-so-lazily-an-sleepily, that i just crawled toward the bathroom and half-unconscious i took a shower and brought my sleepy ass to the first taxi, which brought it at the faculty and guess what! Today i was a student with private lesson.. none of the other of my course mates woke up... So, after 3 bottles of coca kola light (see, how with the aspartam i am satisfying my needs for caffee and sugar!), and an awful new Grammar Tense - Passato remoto"(!!!!), we finished the lesson with my teacher, we wished each other "Buona Pasqua" and i fled away for home, but on my way i received a call from a friend of mine :) She lives in Varna with her bf/D and they have arrived here for the Easter Eve. So, i had a late lunch with them and saw my collar for a first time since August. It was a strange feeling. It wasnt pure anger, cause it reminded me also nice memories, but also for sadness and disappointment. After the lunch we searched for Easter cakes with fruits, but, sadly or not, the shop was closed.. So, we both had eggs waiting for to be paint at home, so, we said good bye and i came back home, exhausted, sleepy, with the heavy bags of the shop..
The eggs werent still boiled, so, i laid in front of the TV with a piece of Brie and a tomato and..what to see? A movie...

A movie i saw months ago.. A movie i watched with a person, that made me the saddest and the most lonely person on this planet.. "Unhook the stars".. She was his sister's fave actress as well as his.. I watched it..i remembered it and i heard a song there.. for which song i was sure it was of his fave band, no matter i havent head it before or so on... So, i came online and searched for the actress, then for the movie,then for the soundtrack and finally.. i saw a song, performed by REM, his fave band.. tell me, isnt it a f***ing mixture of coincidences! Because today is 26th April! The 4th month of silence! The end of the Lent! The movie! The song! The "scorched flower" from the beginning!
Who is this scorched flower? fiore bruciato.

After finding the song, me and my mother, we painted the eggs for easter.. it was really so nice :) My hands are all coloured :D and the eggs are a masterpiece :D sadly i cant make a pic of them, but a week ago our camera was stolen, so.. :) it wasnt meant the eggs to be shown to You :)

Btw, the song is really a nice one... i will add it from Youtube :)

Now it is time for Church... we are going to go to the Seminary.

The Lent is about to end after an hour or so.... I was surprised by myself that i kept so long without meat, alcohol, sweets... and other things :0 of the pleasure of life :)
Not that my wish turned into reality, but... My hope is long time ago back, closed into the Pandora's box and.. i wont open it!

Tutto è perduto! :)
And every bad thing comes for a better one..

We leave now for the Church!


Yours, Eden

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