вторник, 15 януари 2008 г.

Ah, Broadway, Broadway!

Salve! :)

Tonight i had a wonderful evening in the theater @lma@lter! I saw the musical play , called "Ah, Broadway, Broadway"! My brother was also participating in it as an actor. So, the excitement was double, cause i was given the role of the video and photo maker... Well... it was really nice, but i officially swore not to tell what i saw there, so... just accept the recommendations, and if You have opportunity- go and see it :) it's a lot of fun there

Now, sweet dreams! Take my hand and we'll meet in a place that's only ours! Kisses!

Your, Eden


I was thinking about the inner collars - those collars we wear inside us... Is the feeling of loving someone a kind of a collar, of a sign of belonging to someone? As a possession? Or a reserved table in a restaurant? And which is the best way to get rid of the inner collars? One day i'll think about it.. if You have any suggestions, please, share :)

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