четвъртък, 17 януари 2008 г.

a long, long day :)

Good evening! :)

It's been a long day today! Really! i woke up early in the morning, went to the ministry of Justice for to apply for the state practice in the Court. There i accidentally met a good friend of mine - Mila and it was so nice to see her - i haven't seen her for maybe 2 months.. but we all had a business to do;) After few tiny probs there, in the administration, i applied finally and then i was on my way to made photos for the diploma...
You know that we all are supposed to look nice and well, personable, worldly at those photos for personal documents, but it's a hard work and You never know if You're gonna look nice indeed at them.. So, i decided to spare my time somewhere else and to use old negatives for those so needed pics.. Ok, a great idea;) But it was made 3-4 years ago and the photographer actually made a pic 9/13 and then cut the facial part.. And now people were just canceling my order, cause the machineries are now different.. After walking up and down here and there, i found a professional, who finally did what i was asking.. at last! And it was all worthy! :) So, tomorrow Your Eden is about to go to the university and apply for The Juridical Diploma! :)
After the lovely searching i met Mishe, another lovely friend of mine, had a cup of caffee for few minutes and i went to the Parliament, where, after 6 months, i met the Boss :)
She was quite surprised to see me, cause she was thinking i gave up with the pro bono law researches, but i just needed to remind her about the state exams and she, with a soft smile informed me immediately about the new projects. She also told me that there was an awesome interest over the project i was working during the summer in the Parliament. For those, who are interested- the law research was mainly about the administrations, organization, budgets and PR relationships in Parliaments of the countries-members of the EU. i was researching about France and her Assamblee National and Senat.
So, Jeni (the Boss), told me, that they were especially interested in my own research and the stuff i found and published and also they put pieces of my work in the new law... Well... it might be pro bono work in the hot summer, but i felt really content with the fact that at my age my work was built up in a working law! :)
Well, let's go back on Earth;)
I asked about new projects and soon i'll be a participant in at least one of the new projects... Cross fingers to pick up countries with cool sites in English;) cause with the Italian language course i am so confused with my French, that i am really forgetting it.. Sadly and badly!
After the Parliament i went straight to the Library, where i didn't studied, but i finished the strange book i was reading. The name of this book is "Histoire d'O" and it's not really recommended by me.. It's a strange book and i need some day for to be able to talk about it, cause is till don't know what i could comment and what i actually understood of it, and even what my opinion is. But a really strange book, that makes You blush all the time, even though it is supposed to be a classic.. But "Decameron" is also supposed to be classic and also makes us all to blush :D
After finishing the book and a glance over the new words, i went out of the library, because i had an appointment with Mishe for a fast shopping tour! And we did it! I have few so sweet things;) clothes, of course;) But i know that girls' talks about clothes are boring, so, i wont torture You with dissection of the new toys ;) One more think- i am up-down satisfied;)
Well...it was a so long day and i feel so sleepy. And tomorrow i have to wake up early, so, please, excuse me, but it's time to leave You now.

Have fun!

Лека нощ, деца! :)

Yours, Eden

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