неделя, 13 януари 2008 г.

am i a legend?


How's life going?
I am trying for two days to put on a video, but no success:(
Maybe it takes too much time, which i usually don't have, even though i am in a constant day off.. I'll try tomorrow again, and if not, i'll find another way to do it;0 But i realy want to share them with You, cause they are really funny and full with the expressions.. and emotions :) An i was so happy at that moment that wish everyone to see my happiness... cause, strangely or not, even now, after all that happened, i still have my moments of happiness and the wish to share it with You..cause...what is happiness without anyone to share it with?

But is it enough just to share it with someone? Anyone? What about someone, who doesnt love you, who doesnt care, who even hate You? Who makes You cry and hearing your sobs, just says-" ah, you, bimbo, you just make me feel so low!" and then, You, the victim, feel bad, cause all the guilt is now recognized as your own burden?! What kind of a human being would You be to hate someone, cause he/she just loves You? And will accuse him/her for the tears, the hopes, the humiliation even?

As one friend of mine told me recently, answer means giving a hope. And when a person takes a rational decision, nothing is possible to turn him/her back to you.. Nothen. Nothing?..but... when your body needs that person, when your heart beats with his, when your soul reaches out and touches faith.. Brain is there as a super hero - Xena and Hercules in an union... just to save you and to supply your mental and physical needs...

An, o, God, thank You for the Brain! cause Brain is a gorgeous and precious thing, so particular, so, incredible! even divine! It gives us everything- just to give us calmness and peace, cause everyone need a shelter from the storms. And Brain is the great architect of every and each shelter- just make a wish and the good genie inside your skull will provide you all you need!

But this is another topic i will tell You some other time..

Tomorrow again i have to wake up early because of the lezione...

i am really sleepy, but just wanted to come here and be with You for a while, just because i was feeling a lil sad... i watched the movie "I am legend". as all these movies when mankind is coming to its end, You always go out of the hall with heavy heart, salted face and red eyes..pretending to be sleepy or bored.. It's not my way, i never hide;0 and maybe that's the general mistake in my life :) as a friend of mine once told me- never show your heart.. but how not to cry when poor Samantha died in the hug of her master and companion? It happens so all the time. I know. And i knew that even before. But the tears just poured out and began to fall down my face in the anonymous darkness of the cinema... But stop! no tears anymore! i am holding my Puh , sweet pet and lil kid, and feel his warmth and happiness, being in a secure place with people who care about him... And it gives such strength..

Once i asked a man- which pet You would choose if You have to choose - the cat pet or the woman pet? And i felt his struggle... He chose the woman, but now the cat (by the name of Spillo) is still there, and the woman(by the name of "part of the statistics") is gone....

This time it's really time for bed...

I want to greet from here Mih-Mih, a lovely friend of mine, who had a birthday yesterday.. and just want to tell her, that i really love her and will always be her friend indeed :P


Yours, Eden

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