петък, 11 януари 2008 г.

Snow scene of faery

Hello, Everyone!

Happy New Year! i wish You All the best! And i am blowing a lot of kisses to all of you, who loved me, love me and will love me! I love you too!

And please, accept my apology for not writing her for days, but i was really not able to be here, with You... the new year parties, the beginning, the relaxation after the parties;), problems, tasks, things to be done... I have so much to tell You... But i promise i'll write every day:) and all not told will be told very soon;)

Remind me later to tell You about my dream..or nightmare which i had on 31st December..

Now, i'll show You what me, my brother and a friend of us did at about 3am on 2nd January, when Sofia was just buried under tones of wonderful snow;)

See the pics, tomorrow i'll put also videos ;)

Now, it's time to go and sleep, cause tomorrow i have to wake up early for to go to the court and then to the library, for i have hundreds of words to learn for the course of Italian i am attending in the weekends...



Yours, Eden

at the beginning of the adventure;) still smiling, not freezing
have You tried it? it's nice to lay n the snow..
another "shot"

Sofia at snowy night.. going back home

a scene of faery ;)

a calm night street

trying to move the frozen toes..

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Анонимен каза...

mn qki snimka :))))) osobeno tezi deto vali snqg. oooo obi4am zimata, pri ve 4e e studeno.

Eden каза...

vsyhstnost na vsichkite snimki vali snqg. prosto ednite sa sys svetkavica, a drugite- bez :)
blagodarq, koito i da si ti ;)

Анонимен каза...

Ot Mih-Mih: obi4am snejinki----i Adi obi4am-no nai-me kefi Adi i snqg