вторник, 22 януари 2008 г.

"Happiness is a fragile stock, take care of it"

This message i received today along with the cappuccino. It was written by Edith Worton.. I dont know who she is, but the "cliche" she wrote is, as most of the clishes - correct with the whole absurdity in it... :(

I remember one of the happiest moments in my life... it was at the beginning of March, when the winter is still not going away and the spring is still not arriving.. When You feel the smell of the burned wood, coming from the chimneys, mixed with the frosty fresh mountain air... I was on the balcony, smelling the nature, staring at the white snowy peaks of Vitosha, hugging the small village where we are at.. It's night, about midnight, and i am staying there, hearing the wind feeling the cold on my bare skin... Then He called me inside and i entered the apartment, where it was warm and cosy, the sprigs in our private fireplace are burning... i was able to hear the cracks, coming from the dancing flames.. It was also dark in the rooms, only the lights from the fire.. but i saw Him, i was feeling Him, no matter it was dark... He was the other half of my heart... how is it possible not to feel where the other half of your heart is?
I smiled at Him in the darkness and slowly approached Him. He touched the couch just next to the place he was sitting and i followed the gesture.. I lied there, putting my head on His lap, feeling His strokes and caresses...
At that uneventful, calm moment i was felt so happy, i was just pouring with it, i was shining, we were shining together..just the two of us, warming our naked bodies at the fire...

But everything is so fragile..
And none of us can live in an imaginative world..
Life is there and the only thing we can afford for sometimes is just to escape it for a while...

Yours, a fragile stock

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