събота, 29 декември 2007 г.

Puh, the gorgeous

hello, Everyone!

Today i am too dizzy with the red wine and the nice talk i had with a nice friend of mine :) So, i just cant write in this very moment, but i wanna share two pics. The first one- with the cat- is my own property;) and all rights are reserved;) The second one is Bianca Beauchamp in a sexy Christmas dress:) Enjoy;)

As a proud owner of this picture, i just cant stop showing off with it... Isn't He gorgeous?! ;)

Bianca Beauchamp is my fave fashion fetish model ;) if i havent chosen this profession of mine, i would like to be like her :) Fortunately or unfortunately... i have to be the good girl ;)


Yours, the dizzy Eden

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