неделя, 9 декември 2007 г.

after the students' party

well, it was a nice one! Nice evening with nice people in a nice pizzaria... it was a sitting party, but we promised that after the finals we'll rock the clubs;)
btw, we made a lot of pics and videos, so.. soon i'll pick up some and post them here:)
now i really have to go.. removing the make up, going to bed, sleeping, cause tomorrow i'll go to a friend of mine and we have to read the 3rd part of our conspects for the last state final in the university.. It's the hardest one- Law of finances, taxes, budgets, currency, etc...all the best things;)

and a second btw, today, or better- yesterday, cause it's 2 am in the morning now, it was the birthday of Jim Morrison... A fave singer and artist of mine... I grew up with his art and magic and just wanted to say- happy birthday, dear Jim, wherever You are now, just know- we still love You, hun!

Good night! Bonne nuit! Buona notte! Лека нощ!

Yours, sleeping beauty ;)

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