събота, 31 май 2008 г.

Afitos in Halkidiki fun&beauties

Here are some pics of the beauties in Afitos on Halkidiki, GR :) where i spent some nice time during the long Easter vacation...

I didnt have a chance to practice my English there, cause most of the people there were from Bulgaria, and besides there were a lot of Greeks from the Macedonian parts of GR, with whom we were speaking in.... :) well- we in BG, they- in MC ;)

And one more thing- in the days between 1st and 6th May, beyond any doubt, at least North Greece was Bulgarian territory :D

here are some pics! Enjoy!

Here is a nice shot, made by Oggi, and the fave palms in a secret combination with "multibluecoloured" sea ;) is this what Calomira was singing for? ;)
here are some cute purple flowers and You all know how much i love purple flowers :) they just seduced me... and i didnt resist to join them into a photo ;)
what about another secret combination? "Rouge et noir", mixed with the fascinating fond?

And no one is even commenting my passion about the sea and how i t will always be deluring for my poor soul, which had the chance to be born under the powerful element of the water ... This is the result of mixing what is written upper

a perfect place for dinner, soft melody of tender waves and a dying sun, kissing gently..

Soft smile, Eden

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vlad каза...

Your third one (the image of two flowers and sunglasses) is quite like an italian portrait. Kind of a quiet, and still, exquisite poetry talking with no words but blue background, wild cat remembers running across the plain, and trill of the wind.

It's peaceful and gentle as an acoustic lesson vae victis

Eden каза...

thank You! Such a description! As if You do it by a profession! ;)

it did fondled my soul!

vlad каза...

[ because i breathe deep waters ]

I'm not born on the sand. Although I wish so. But I do kneel down in a wave. Must thank you for sharing journeys with us, spectacle views, must thank you for every piece of the mile. And then it's you. That positive, like a papillon buzz, so it's all natural. Somehow it may turn somebody else into feeling colours they burn, glasses they sing. Places they live.

[ when the day again rides over the beautiful horizon all wander out to the life in the light ]

Eden каза...


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