петък, 23 май 2008 г.

Eurovision 2008 Bulgaria WINNER song - DJ, Take Me Away

It is better not to comment tonight what are my feelings after this so unfair semi-final of Eurovision 2008..

The laziness of the countries of western Europe caused the fact that the countries of Eastern Europe in the last years just reign the first places... And why not? This is one of the rare opportunities for the eastern European countries to show what they create on big stages...
The top of everything was last year,when the songs, coming from easter Europe just kicked asses both on semifinals and finals!

So, the result was that the reglements, after 52 years, were changed and here come the bad luck for the Bulgarian song- last year the BG song of Stoyan and Elitza was placed as the 5th song and they won the right of the next years BG song to go directly to the final, but the reglements were changed and besides, the voting was limited inside the groups, as the motive was- not neighbourers to vote for each other...


The song was really one of the ebst and as people on the sites say- Deep Zone Project&Baltazar are th informal winners of Eurovision 2008!

Good luck to the others!

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Анонимен каза...

Pesenta e naistina mnoooogo dobra :). Kakvo da vi kaja, za poreden pat Vi stava qsno 4e nekadarnosta na Zapadna Evropa!!! spe4eli- za6toto e mnogo lesno kato si gube6t da promenq6 pravilata v svoq polza.