четвъртък, 29 май 2008 г.

Lost Wisdom

Hello, Everyone!

Today my Dentist Dr. Selar Fransis surprised me with the news that he is not going to remove only one of my wisdom teeth, but both of them (the 2 remaining - on my upper jaw, after two operations of the lower jaws wisdoms two years ago)

And he really did it, for about 2 minutes the last piece of wisdom was taken from me!

After that i went home, got naked, laid under the covers and fell into sleep for about 6 hours or so! I had so awful headache, as if my head was about to explode, i was spitting blood around and my jaws stiffened by the drugs... When i woke up, the first thing i saw was a pillow with blood on it!

Last time i had bruises on my cheek, coloured in every colour of the rainbow, i hope- this time at least i wont be bruised...

It is better to go to bed, cause my head is pulsing awfully...
Good night and cross fingers to resist my wish to drug myself with painkillers ;)

Yours, wisdomless Eden ;)

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