събота, 31 май 2008 г.

Ice cream- universal cure!

:) indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice cream is my best friend! And not only mine, but also Yours! Especially when chocolate is involved! ;)

Here is a short list of what ice cream cures:

1. Depressions (almost every kind)
2. bad moods
3. the conflict - to icecream or not to icecream
4. bad news from doctors
5. bad news from dentists
6. bad news from court
7. bad news from work
8. bad news from boss
9. bad news from university
10. bad news after an exame

11. He can be with You when You are alone
12. Or to join You and Your half, being the always wanted 3rd party and even helping in building up a sweeter, much more delicious relationship
13. Broken hearts
14. Breaking a relationship with a bf/gf
15. PMS
16. AMS
17. you dont need to wait till the morning for to see the old situation in a better light- with ice cream every situation looks to so bad at all!
18. Ice cream is always there!
19. In ever colour, taste and flavour!
20. He will never hate You if You tell Him- I am breaking with You on coming Monday!
21. He always understands!
22. Removed wisdom teeth (for this- Thanks to Robi Caralis!)
23. The taste of blood after removed wisdoms (for this - again thanks to Robi Caralis!)
....and more...

Please, if You know what else Ice cream cures or why Ice cream is Your best friend, please PM me or E-mail me, or just leave me a comment here and i will add Your suggestions to the list above!

Enjoy Your next lick! ;)

Yours, Eden, licking up ice cream of yoghurt, cookies and chocolate ;)

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Анонимен каза...

Lol thanks for quoting me :-) I add one more: removed tonsils, and blood taste after removed tonsils ;) Take care, kiss and hugs you all Eden's blog readers!

Rob(y) (K)aralis

Eden каза...

Yes! How could i forgot it!
thanks a lot, Mr Roby Karalis ;)