събота, 31 май 2008 г.

Mal di testa

Salve! :)

I just came from my Italian classes and i am dying for just a pillow and a bed.. I dont know what is going on with me.. Is it from the drugs of the dentist, or the weather, or just a personal not quite good condition, but these days i feel like a rag, You know... Hardly stepping forward... Literary! :0 Something i did to my right hip joint and honestly i don't even remember what, but it hurts in every step:D

I also have an awful "mal di testa", me! A person, who usually possesses a tough head, wooden even ;), innate to every one, coming from la mia bella Sofia and the Land of S(h)op(h)ians :)

is it a lating "spring laziness"? who knows...

And those hundreds of tenses in Italian! Today we studied the next one... Imperfett conguintivo, which a kind of Trapassato congiuntivo... and which is something like not a tense, but a "modo" and i am realizing now, that i dont have even a tiny knowledge in the Bulgarian grammar rules! I know so much more in the grammars of the English, of the French, of the Italian even, compared with the Bulgarian one! A shame!!!

But today was a lazy and slowly passing lesson... W made few quite long breaks with the guys of il mio gruppo italiano :) and we were discussing what to do on saturday evening, since we cant go to a disco, cause we have to wake up early in the morning (guess why)... and we decided to go and see the new movie of "Sex and the city", based on thefantastic series, which changed so much even my own life and point of view, the relations between my friends, the girls, the boyz, the sex........ :D

Now i am going to vacuum the house and then- for a short (or not so short) nap ;)

When will i finish my decisions of the court??? *sigh*

Btw, today is the concert of Apocalyptica in Kavarna, at the seaside, and guess who loves them and cant go and see them guess why ;) grrrr

a la prossima...! ;)

baci caldi, Eden O:)

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